Is it bad form to use a plugin or widget for that? As a new user, I love the idea of a plugin that makes it easier.
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I have really enjoyed following your recent work Greg in regards to onboarding and supporting new #IndieWeb users. One of the things that stood out from the questions on the IndieWeb site was the one about ‘Child Themes’. I think that is more complicated than:
I have never heard about it or neve…

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  1. Not sure about ‘bad form’ Matt, but I don’t think it is best practice. Clearly you can do a lot in a child theme than just add ‘rel=me’ into the header, such as adjust the CSS to remove lines etc. In the end, it works for me for now. I am not sure what others would say and I know that quite a few are critical of the SNAP plugin – not sure exactly why – I am probably a bit more pragmatic.

    1. I get why. If I could get the Bridgy Publish plugin to post my IG imports from Ownyourgram properly I would just use that. It was great for text. I get what you are saying. It also helps newbs like me understand how everything works together more if we were coding our own rel=me’s.

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